the fact that the police officers who shot john crawford got off Scott free is so scary like he literally was doing nothing wrong he was carrying a toy gun and shopping at a Walmart and they shot him after he said that it wasn't real and they're a even video of him being shot and there was still no justice it's so scary man


What’s even scarier is the fact that in Ohio it is legal to openly carry a gun, yet John Crawford got shot for openly carrying a toy gun. And as you said this all happened in a fucking Walmart, one of the nations largest gun retailers. But the idea never occurred to that police officer that he might have been a customer.

Perhaps what’s scarier above all this is that innocent Black people being killed by the police is the norm in America. 

Not an 'overreaction', but do you think some of the information coming out of ferguson is overblown by protesters in order to create the impression that they are being oppressed far more than actually is occurring?


How many pictures, videos, and reports of protestors (and journalists) being teargassed, manhandled, arrested, and beaten are necessary for one to see the injustice for what it is? One.

24/7 livestreams. I’ve probably watched over 60 hours of footage since that day Michael Brown was shot. 60 hours of police intimidation, brutality, and even censorship.

Not an ‘understatement,’ but do you think some of the information coming out of Ferguson is overblown by cops in order to create the impression that they are stopping crimes far more than is actually occurring?

Coverage Of Pumpkin Fest Riot Compared To Ferguson Protests Exposes Media’s Overt Racism


Worse, the Keene rioters are generally not described as rioters,but rather “rowdy” students or “drunken revelers.” Further, the people of Keene are being portrayed as the victims of the riot, while the citizens of Ferguson are portrayed as the perpetrators.

There will be no jokes about food stamps or welfare, because the perpetrators are white and that’s not the stereotype. No one will call the Keene rioters “thugs” or suggest the police should have shot them all. No one will point to the scourge of white on white crime. No one will accuse all white parents of not knowing how to raise law-abiding kids.

The difference between the coverage of Ferguson and Keene is the difference between black and white. When someone tells you “it’s not about race,” know they’re wrong.